Modular Magic: What to Expect

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Modular Magic: What to Expect

The Magic of Modular

If you want to save two-thirds of the time it takes to build a home; eliminate delays due to weather, no-show contractors, back-ordered materials; AND have a livable home within a matter of weeks, talk to Rochester Homes. We are a family-owned premier manufacturer of custom modular homes in Illinois, Indiana and throughout the Midwest.

Modular homes aren’t magic — they just feel that way.

Finances are Simpler Than You Think

Before work on the house and the site begins, you will need to make numerous financial arrangements. Choose a builder first and learn what his approximate costs are, look for financing, find an appropriate plot of land, and select the home you want so that you can work out a budget for your project. At this point, the builder will give you his construction bids and you will be able to review all of the financial details and close on your loan.

Construction is Easier Than You Think

Now the house starts coming together. The builder will acquire the proper permits, order the home, and begin excavation on the lot. While the manufacturer is building the home on the production line, the contractor will need to prepare the lot and pour the foundation in readiness for the 85% completed home to be shipped to the site and set.

Although the speed with which modular homes come together may seem like magical forces are at work, the reality is that a lot of behind the scenes work is put into creating your dream home.

Your New Home

Here’s where the process might feel like magic. Since the house is delivered so close to finished, the remaining on-site construction is completed in a flash, and before you know it, the home is ready for final inspection. Once it passes, you receive your certificate of occupancy to start living the good life in your beautiful, brand new home.