Ordering a Home and Payment Terms

What is a complete order?

Our sales representatives will supply you with a price list and any order assistance that you need. The submission and processing of orders in an accurate and timely manner is critical for the success of your projects. All disputes will be resolved by reviewing the list of information below so ordering homes should warrant a great deal of attention on our dealer/builder’s part to ensure customer satisfaction. When submitting an order to Rochester Homes, Inc. the following is required.

1. A signed production order listing options and all specifications including color selections. (Note any special local code requirement must be spelled out by dealer/builder)

2. A signed floor plan showing all corresponding information listed on the production order.

3. A signed standards specifications list.

4. If custom components are included, a signed sheet with necessary details will be required.

5. A deposit or approved payment arrangement in place. ($5,000.00 all two floor products, $8,000.00 all four floor products, $10,000.00 all six floor products.)

6. If you order a set from the factory, the order must include set contract and scope of work.

7. Shipment or prepay is expected on a timely basis. Homes in our yard over 30 days are subject to interest charges.

You the dealer/builder are contractually bound by the above documents to Rochester Homes, Inc. It is important that you have the following in place for your protection prior to ordering:

1. All building permits

2. Confirmation that the home site is accessible for home delivery and set.

3. An acceptable letter of commitment is in place to ensure your draws.

4. We expect prompt carrier return, unless called out on order. It is important that you make carriers accessible for pick up. If carrier damage occurs, you may be charged.

Deposit and payment terms

To secure an order for a home with Rochester Homes, Inc., deposits must be obtained with the balance collected on delivery or dealer pick up. If you have a line of credit or floor plan source, a pre arranged contractual agreement between Rochester Homes, Inc., you, and your financial institution must be in place before we will build your project.

Deposit on COD homes are accepted by company or personal checks, certified or wired funds.

1. $5,000.00 deposit due on all two floor products

2. $8,000.00 deposit due on all four floor products

3. $10,000.00 deposit due on all six floor products

The balance due Rochester Homes, Inc. will only be accepted by certified or wire transferred funds. Payment can be made before, or at the time the home is shipped to the site, and must be the exact total reflected on the invoice. If you arrange to pay upon delivery to your site, and do not have payment ready at that time, the homes will be returned to Rochester Homes, Inc. and you will be charged for the extra freight and time.

Please call your sales representative for wire transfer instructions.

It is the policy of Rochester Homes, Inc. to charge finance charges on homes that have not been shipped or paid for within 30 days of the off line date, miscellaneous parts, or other billings over 60 days old unless prior arrangements have been made.

Rochester Homes, Inc. reserves the right to charge interest of 1.5% per month on any outstanding balances on all amounts not paid within the terms listed above.

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