Ideas for Customer Relations for Selling a Rochester Home

1. Have a solid rotating schedule for sales. Always have someone in the office during open hours. Whether hours are 8:00am to 9:00pm or 1:00pm to 5:00pm. When open, someone needs to be there to greet customers at all times.

2. Have your pricing methods in solid form. If someone wants a price, make pricing readily available to the sales people. Whether it is on a computer, or in a book, you can not sell anything if you can’t price it.

3. Learn our product and company inside out. It is hard to gain a customer’s confidence to invest 30 years worth of payments on a house your company is selling if they hear “I don’t know”. Always say “let me find out” or “I will check on it”. Then give us a call and we will do what we can to help.

4. Do not panic. It’s possible to go 3 months with out a sale and then get 5 in one month. That is why we have year end totals. It is not if you sell them, it is when you sell them.

5. Do not become an angry salesman. If someone is asking questions, it means that they are interested. Even if they can’t afford a home now, they may be able to a couple years down the road. Your courtesy in answering their questions will leave them with a favorable impression that they will tell their friends about.

6. Have confidence in your employees. If you do not have confidence in those working for you it is hard to become successful. Selling homes and running a business is more than one person can handle if you want to become successful.

7. These are just a few ideas we share with new builders. They are not made in vain to critique; they are stated to build a better repertoire, so we can all do what we are supposed to do, sell more homes and operate a profitable business.