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Guidelines to building green

Building Green
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Guidelines to building green

The National Home Builders Association is involved in an ongoing process of defining what “Building Green” means to you, the builder. You can check this effort by going to Generally any building practice that lessens the impact on our environment is a step towards building green. Rochester Homes, Inc. has been certified as a Green Capable Manufacturing facility by our third party inspection agency, NTA. If you are interested in “Building Green” you can use NTA as your verifier or you can hire a verifier of your choice. Below is a general guidance of how the process works:

  • Design and score the home using a scoring tool found at
  • Begin construction
  • Select a verifier from the list at and enter into an agreement with verifier.
  • Schedule initial inspection with verifier. (This might include a visit to Rochester Homes, Inc.)
  • Your verifier will notify NAHB and a packet will be sent to you. Complete and submit the builder agreement. You will also need to provide an insurance certificate with this packet.
  • A fee will accompany this application, see
  • After the rough inspection is done this will be submitted to NAHB
  • Once home is completed, schedule the final inspection with the verifier.
  • This will be submitted and the certificate will be issued.

For any additional questions, please call or visit Rochester Homes, Inc. has been certified by NTA, a green building certifier. Our building practices, by their nature, are your first step to building green.

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