Blog: Apr, 2016

  • Homeownership: An American Tradition

    Date: Apr, 2016

    How Homeownership Became an American Tradition The economic ideal of the American Dream dates back to the colonial period,...

  • Why Rent When You Could Own a Modular Home?

    Date: Apr, 2016

    Build Your Own Home and Save Big with Modular Home Plans Although the economy is certainly rebuilding itself, finding...

  • Modular Homes Tend to be Higher in Quality and Value

    Date: Apr, 2016

    There is a prevalent opinion in the general public that Modular Homes are always less expensive than site built...

  • How to Maximize the Amount of Savings when Building a Modular Home?

    Date: Apr, 2016

    In building a home you will have to make choices and sometimes difficult trade off’s. Be cognizant that you...

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