Blog: Sep, 2015

  • The Problem of Wasteful Homebuilding

    Date: Sep, 2015

    Building a new home on location can be surprisingly wasteful. Every piece of waste is an extra cost—not just...

  • A fall home maintenance checklist

    Date: Sep, 2015

    A fall home maintenance checklist courtesy from Houzz. There are some great tips, check it out here.

  • Design Details that Matter

    Date: Sep, 2015

    A great article from Houzz on Design Details that Matter. We offer a lot of upgrade options to make...

  • A Real Home

    Date: Sep, 2015

    How can we say that we build real homes, and suggest that some of our modular home competitors do...

  • September Home Checklist

    Date: Sep, 2015

    It’s time for the September home checklist from Houzz.

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