Blog: Jan, 2015

  • 4 Reasons It Will Be Easier to Buy a Home in 2015 – via Fox Business

    Date: Jan, 2015

    Great read! Check it out!

  • What Everybody Ought To Know About Modular Homes

    Date: Jan, 2015

    A modular home is a house that’s built in a factory-like setting indoors rather than on-site like a traditional...

  • January Home Checklist

    Date: Jan, 2015

    Its time for our monthly checklist from Houzz. Click here for some great ideas on how to help get...

  • The 5 Major Advantages of a Modular Home

    Date: Jan, 2015

    An increasing number of people are looking to purchase a modular home due to the benefits it offers over...

  • Where should you put the laundry room?

    Date: Jan, 2015

    Click the link below for a fantastic article from Houzz on laundry room placement. Some great tips to help...

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